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"Is it better to be feared or respected? I say, is it too much to ask for both?"


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Sat Dec 20, 12014 1:25 pm
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Keller, Texas
High school
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Total posts:  3213
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I'm really into alot of stuff. I'm a big adventure kinda person. You only get one chance at life and if im gonna die its going to be awsome. If i had cancer and was siting on the bed and was told. "Cole you have 3 weeks to live" I would prob hop off the bed and be like "Peace out then" and go on with my life.

I love my friends around here and my family. This place is more than an addiction for me its like a place to get away from the hectic world.
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About Me: 
Well, Im 17, I live in Keller , texas. Life going fine right now. But it hasent always been that way. Well let me start from the beinging. It all started July 26 ,1990. Thats right... the day i was born. Lol nahh if you want to know sumtin about me jsut ask im pretty open.
Who I'd like to meet: 
I think its hot when a girl acts like her self. I wouldn't care what you look like as long as you can keep up with my pace and have a great personality.
Cro90's Interests
Well, Im old enuff tru. Thats pretty general
Rock, Rap, Anything that is good
I like movies ^^
Sure tv is good
Stargate freak?: 
Anime I've seen: 
Bleach, Avatar, FMA... theres alot
Anime i'm watching right now: 
Is this a trick question I dont think im gonna have enuff room
MPS Groups: 
Tru_Davism, Gamerz!
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Sat May 10, 12008 10:59 am
Nm wat u been up to man?
Sat May 10, 12008 5:47 am
You are my friend, else you culdnt post a comment on me duh
Tue Apr 15, 12008 5:59 am
Hi Cro Very Happy

I wanted to take a moment and say thanks for all your support and positive replies to some of the post i've been making. Your space is nice I like the videos also.

Best wishes
Wed Feb 20, 12008 6:02 pm
I, too, find that quite sexy in a woman cro. I think you've got it figured out, now the hard part is actually finding one and getting her to like you haha
Mon Dec 24, 12007 11:26 am
This is a test comment, just for you cro Embarassed
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