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In case you haven’t noticed, we have hit a roadblock. I guess the easiest way to explain it is that out of the 4 TLers and 3 TLCs in Chihiro, 3 have had computer problems, 1 has had internet problems, and 1 has just disappeared for nearly a week without warning. A group that loses 5 translators/TLCs in a matter of a month simply cannot function, as you can see here.

We are planning to finish up everything we’ve started, and will be continuing all continuing shows onto next season, somehow or another. But all future plans have been cancelled until/unless something changes - either by January 4th, or by January 25th. This could be by people fixing their ongoing computer problems, new translators applying to chihiro and not disappearing an hour later, or if people who have disappeared come back.
want to know where Saten goes shopping. Seriously, her outfits are just so cute that I want to snuggle her up close.

By the way, Path, the next time you see me, do not expect to leave with your spleen in one piece.

We’re looking for an editor. This usually means like 1,000,000 recruits so I’m going to filter some out now. Below is a .ass file for Railgun 09 before it was edited. Do not apply if you change under 10 things in it. If you need to look hard for more things to edit so to get it above 10, don’t apply. Heck, if you have to work to get 20 things, you’re probably best off not applying to. Our usual editor changes like… 300 things. >.>
Also, keep in mind what editing is. Editing is NOT a proofreader. Editing is someone who goes into the script and actually changes dialogue so that what is said sounds more reasonable for spoken speech.
And if you have to ask what the difference between a hyphen and a dash is, don’t apply. And if I find an “alright” in a submitted script you will be automatically rejected.
Edit this test and upload your version to a filesharing service. Then join #Chihiro-recruits, post it, and idle for at least 24 hours.

720p: Saten

480p: -san

DDLs: !!!

Getting a bit bored of seeing the same banners, and some of them are related to really old shows, so we’ll have a contest.

There will be two categories. First is due in a week which is a Christmas themed one. The second is due in two weeks, which is a general winter-esque theme. Naturally, the Christmas ones will be up for the Christmas season, and winters will go up after that until we hold another contest.

The rules are as follows:

1. Banners must be 800×250. Please do not round edges or do anything of that sort.
2. Banners can comprise of characters of any series chihiro has subbed since January 2009, or ef.
3. Banners are not allowed to have males in them. Females only.
4. Banners must not show nipples, vaginas, or uncovered butts. AKA, characters must have at least pantsu and a bra on.
5. Banners must be submitted by 10:00 AM on December 15th for Christmas themes, 10:00 AM on December 22nd for Winter themes. All times are Eastern Standard Time. Please use http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/usa/eastern-time/ to see what time it is in your area.
6. There is a limit of one banner per comment. If you wish to submit more, please make multiple comments with 1 banner contained in them. YOUR COMMENT WILL BE IGNORED AND DELETED BY WORDPRESS IF YOU POST MORE THAN ONE LINK IN IT.

PS: I’m Christian, and will not be politically correct. Banners of mennorahs and dradels will be rejected.

PPS: All Cloud668 banners submitted before a TL of Railgun will be rejected.
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